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Abstract Paintings by Tony Hopkins

Painter Tony Hopkins

"My work aspires towards simplicity, clarity, the impact and directness of a physical and emotional event. I use areas of defined colour, which move between figuration and abstraction in which imagery is simplfied to shape, line, balance and mass. I build up surfaces with layers of paint applied by palette knife, which are then affected by processes of removal. Scraping, scratching, scrubbing and sanding to create new and unplanned connections between surface layers and moments in time. The process of creating by removing fasscinates me - an almost haunting sense of past, present and future combining and contained in moments of transcendence, spirituality and peace, even though the surfaces may reflect very energetic activity.

The landscape is my inspiration and guiding concern. For me life is defined by our passage through time and place, a shared existence with natural forces in which we should attempt harmony any balance; from which we gain beauty and mystery, sustenance and purpose.

I try to use a limited colour range taken from natural elements, especially rust, verdigre, stone - earth, water and air perhaps - and build up mental maps from walks and the physicality of experiencing 'nature'.

I do not see nature as a tamed force but as pure energy, sometimes formed into an apparent calm, sometimes violence and which has formed us from itself. The figure is defined by the landscape, its scale and impact on us."

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