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Alkyd Paintings by Susan Savad
Art by Susan Savad
As a child, I wasn't particularly interested in art. I only started becoming serious about painting as an adult. I started art school when my younger son started nursery school, and attended part time while taking care of family. I graduated duCret School of the Arts eight years later.

Although I have tried other media, my recent work has been done exclusively in alkyds. I enjoy painting in alkyds because I can blend them like oils, and, since they dry overnight, I'm ready to start painting again the next day. Also, alkyd colors seem to be more vivid than oils or acrylic which is important to my work.

The goal of my paintings is to help the viewer see the beauty that is in their own surroundings: gardens, interesting architecture, the changing seasons. Therefore, the subjects of my paintings are usually taken from scenes around my own neighborhood.

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