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I'm from the city of Pune, in the western state of Maharashtra, in India. I have been drawing ever since I can remember. Doodles in school book margins, on newspaper corners, the telephone book, backs of envelopes and any blank or not-so-blank surface that will accept the marks of a pen or pencil. Almost invariably the doodles turned into women. It was a refrain I always heard growing up, "good, but draw something besides women!" Now I wonder, "Why?!" It's what I enjoy drawing most!
pencil drawing
Over time, this talent converted itself into a formal art education, and then into the advertising profession. While I still drew and painted all the time it was as "work" and for "work", and occasionally for friends. My own exploration of art as a hobby was lost somewhere.

Recently, oddly enough, spurred on by discovering the dotcom world and wanting to put up my own site, I began again, drawing and painting, fine art for the pure pleasure of fine art!

Regarding comments on my own work then, I have only this to quote....
"It is very good advice to believe only what an artist does, rather than
what he says about his work" - David Hockney (b. 1937)

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