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Acrylic Paintings by Kay Frances
Acrylic Paintings by Jim Dodd

I am a nomadic Australian artist, living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have held exhibitions in Sofia, and my work is in private collections in Egypt, Austria, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.

I came to art/painting quite suddenly while living in Egypt in 1998. I had an unusual teacher, and perhaps I was an unusual student, and since then I have just been opening up to "the artist within." Painting is simply an expression of being in the present, the past is there, images of other places, but it is truly about now. In this way I feel very connected to scenes and people in far away places - the pureness of the moment is captured and drawn - art for no sake - soul art.

When working on a painting I am often surprised by what comes, then sometimes reworking, descending even deeper, and am surprised yet again..! Another painting follows, and the process begins again. I am intuitive about color and the light just comes, or I am intuitive about light and the color just follows.

I am a contemplative artist, and delight in when people have their own experience of my work, awakening their own creative impulses, and somehow we all transcend cultural boundaries within this "secret understanding" of humanness. In my studio, I also work on "art projects" using what is around me - branches, rotting apples, wire, vegetable produce, and with these I have used my neighbors quite spontaneously - and we all have fun, as nothing is set, and the art reveals itself. I have done 3 over the last year - Food of the Earth - Apples in Space - Village Totems.

The artists' work space is where one can expand into nothingness - painting and releasing - the quiet joy of being present . . . a meditative space - yet at the same time, and herein lies the ambiguity, life is full of imperfections - like in some of my artwork, and I don't always have to fix it - the artwork then can become what is true.

"Art frees our souls to flow into our purpose for being here."

"Australian artist Kay Frances recent paintings unbind hierarchical space. No single element - the sky, the sea, the land - assumes any greater importance than any other. She weaves strands of light into often abstracted images that at once float as whole objects unfastened by gravitational forces. The work embraces an openness and subtlety of 'the simple', radiated by the juxtaposition of dramatic color chords together with a soft graduation of edges. This meditative emphasis on the ephemeral has an overall effect of creating an immediate emotional authenticity - outside the confines of formal artistic practice."

David D'Agostino
Correspondent Editor, Contemporary Magazine
LONDON, May, 2002

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