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Artwork by Jussara Luz Padilha
Jussara Luz Padilha was born in Brazil. She arrived in New York at the age of 10 years old. Her interest in art led her to receive a scholarship to Pratt Institute. Soon after, she was accepted to join "Yoko Masaki" in New York, a highly successful design studio. She bacame deeply interested in meditation which has made a strong impact on her as an artist as well as a poet.

Discovering the cultural Mecca of India for 7 years and then moving to Indonesia, she has exposed herself to a colourful world of art, through textiles, paintings and music. The visual wealth which she was acculmulated over the years, including her native Brazilian roots transpires through her work leaving a sense of timeless beauty, which not only feeds the soul but the eyes as well.

"Colour is a language in and onto itself" she says.

The giclee prints show a strong similarity to Lithographs. Jussara's use of colour and clean lines is pivotal in her work. She creates a bridge between the mystical and playfulness through her dynamic sense of colour bringing forth the abundance of pure joy.

Jussara has been inspired by Pablo Naruda poems as well as Rumi. She began using her own poetry to some of her recent images. Jussara's work has been published by Earth records and her prints are currently showing at F. Dorian Gallery in San Francisco.

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© 2002 Jussara Luz Padilha
© Copyright 2002 Jussarra Luz Padilha All Rights Reserved

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