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Acrylic Painting

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The Worldwide Art Gallery exhibits art in numerous categories. If you are interested in oil painting please select from the artists below:
Richard Baumgart
George Baker
Richard Baumgart
Richard Baumgart
Bonnie Beery
Bonnie Beery
Bonnie Beery
Scott Condell
Art described as "power abstract" - simplistic well-defined curves and shapes combining a fusion of ideas . . .
Combined qualities and techniques of Picasso, Braque and Matisse.
Romantic realism inspired by the Greek Islands.
Expressions in paint of reactions to the world and innermost
emotions . . .

Bob Dornberg

Cene gál István
A gentle and respectful representation of the lyrical beauty of the Irish landscape . . .
Discoverer and theoretician of the artistic concept 'Rectoversion' . . .
Subjects dominated by elements such as dark light pattern, relation of shape and color, rhythm and balance . . .
Aiming to depict abstract thoughts in a form of realism and to search for harmony . . .

Marja-Liisa Iivonen
Color Pencil Drawing
Paul Kostabi
digital and mixed media
Elisabeth Kreutler
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Pol Ledent
The human experience expressed through a kind of subconscious world somewhere between Dalí and Disney with a touch of Gauguin . . .
Exploration of the 'process' creates a visual dialogue between the artist and the viewer . . .
Austrian artist Elisabeth Kreutler has a new look at the Ancient Chinese technique of marbling . . .
Beautiful impressions of nature in all its seasons and moods . . .
charcoal drawings
Neil McIrvine

Nel Markle
Paul Kostabi
Bill Martin

Sasha Montiljo
Exploring the human spirit through the human form . . .
. . . abstract expressions of emotions in relation to the pure beauty of color, shape and
motion . . .
Images which are drawn from our shared universal subconscious, making them hauntingly familiar . . .
Yugoslavian artist Sasha Montiljo takes us into a surreal landscape with his studies of mental ecology and nature . . .
still life oil paintings
Yannis Moros

Irina Novikova

Biser Panayotov
D. Phelps

Traditional still life arrangements influenced by the old masters . . .
Mesmerising images influenced by music, literature and oriental philosophy . . .
Metaphorically-allegoric paintings, filled with mystic-mythological characters . . .

A poet and visual artist seeking to integrate the visual and performance arts with literary disciplines giving voice to the often unspoken experiences of womanhood . . .
Using the therapeutical quality of colors, irrespective of the chosen themes . . .
Israeli artist searching for expression through the use of colour . . .
A strong belief in the analytical style and beauty that Cubism can represent . . .

Valentina Sanina
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Nigel Sansom
Bryan Steward
digital and mixed media
Camilo Villanueva
Gain insight into the personal vision of this former Ukraine artist . .
Deep emotional feelings, surfacing onto paper or canvas, reflecting images of people and forms in the dreamstate . . .
Living art, that has life and movement of its
own . . .
Paintings that are sort of holograms giving you the opportunity to enrich your spirit . . .
David Welsh
David Welsh
Depicting the effect of light, especially its play on water is a speciality, and one of the many talents, of British artist David Welsh
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