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Venezuelan Artist Antonio Otazzo
Venezuelan Artist Antonio Otazzo

1978 - Exposition in the Art Gallery Toulous-Lautrec. Maracaibo. Venezuela.

1979 - Exposition in the Museum of the 'Ex-Convento El Carmen'. Fine Arts Department. Jalisco. Mexico.

1979 - Exhibition in the Museum of Mexico City. Mexico

1979 - Exposition in the Hotel México. Mexico City.

1981/1983 - Studies on Mexican Muralism of Siqueiros, Orozco and Rivera. Mexico

1985 - Simultaneous exhibitions in the Mexican Presidential Palace and in the Culture House. Naucalpan, D.F. Mexico.

1987 - Exposition in the Fine Arts Institute and in the Autonomous University. Queretaro. Mexico.

1987 - Exposition in the Fine Arts Institute. Quebec. Canada.

1990 - Exposition in the 'Galerie am Weidendam'. Berlin. Germany.

1990 -Exposition in the 'Galeria d´arte Nel Mondo dei Fiori'. Lugano. Suisse.

1990 - Exposition « Venezuela au Caveau du Château d´Allaman ». Suisse.

1990 - Exposition in the Restaurant-Hôtel d´Orange. Coppet. Suisse.

1991 - Exposition in the Holiday Inn Hotel. California. USA

1991 - Exposition in the Huntington Park. California; and in the Capitol. Sacramento. USA

1992 - Exposition in the Salons Jakobshorn Et Strela . World Economic Forum. Annual Meeting. Davos. Suisse.

1997 - Exposition in the Honourable Congress of the Mexican Union. Mexico.

1997 - Exposition in the Gallery Mitla of the 'Ex-Convent of the Seven Princes'. México.

1999 - Tribute to Antonio Otazzo in the Meliá Hotel. Caracas. Venezuela.

1999 - Order 'Honour to the Merit', 1er Class. Cagua. Venezuela

1999-2002 - Outdoors Exhibitions in the Rotary Club Square. Maracay. Venezuela.

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